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Our Lady of Heede

Due to the complete lack of cooperation from the world in fulfilling the Message of FATIMA delivered in 1917, World War II, which the Virgin Mary promised would occur if Her Messages weren't heeded, was in its beginning stages. It should have come as no surprise that She should begin appearing in the country that was determined to enslave the world: Nazi Germany.

Two girls from the Village of Heede in the Diocese of Osnabruck were passing near the World War I Memorial in the village cemetery on November 1, 1937 when they suddenly saw a beautiful Lady blazing with light, with a Baby in Her arms. The two Figures wore dazzling crowns on their heads. The Lady was incredibly beautiful, and smiled kindly at the girls, who immediately believed Her to be the Mother of God with the Child Jesus in Her arms.

Over the course of what was to be a total of 100 apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a total of four girls, under the title of Queen of the Universe, the visionaries were entrusted with prophecies, solemn messages, and secrets, including one for the Pope. Regarding one secret, however, She showed them visions of future catatrophes, and warned them that a horrifying event, called a "Minor Judgement", was in store for the future. This event is the same as THE WARNING prophesied a few years later by Our Lady at GARABANDAL. She urged them to pray constantly, especially the Rosary, which She said has "immeasurable power", for the conversion of sinners, because "the world is about to drink the dregs of the Chalice of Divine Wrath." Despite her incredible beauty in each apparition, Our Lady's face was often solemn, at times severe, and on some occcasions, the Blessed Virgin shed tears.

The four girls met with the usual double-edged sword of belief and skepticism among the villagers and pilgrims. But once the War was in full swing, and the Nazis heard about the events taking place in Heede, the Gestapo descended on the village, ordered the girls to quit the "superstitious nonsense", and threw them into an insane asylum for the period of one month. They were finally released when it was seen that their imprisonment wasn't doing the situation any good, but was angrying the villagers and especially the families of the girls.

When Our Lady finished appearing to the four girls (whose names were Anna Schulte, sisters Maria and Greta Ganseforth, and Susanna Bruns) on November 3, 1940, almost five years passed when Our Lord Jesus Christ then began to appear to Greta Ganseforth alone in 1945. He advised her He had singled her out to become His spouse in a very special way, by becoming a victim soul for the conversion of obstinate sinners. When Greta agreed to this, Our Lord gave her the Stigmata. Thus, as Victim and Stigmatist, Greta shared in the Passion of the Christ as so many had done in the centuries before her, and, upon orders from her spiritual director, kept a diary of her mystical events. Although she saw Our Lord and her own guardian Angel regularly, from this time on, Greta did not see the Blessed Virgin again, although she did hear Her voice on numerous occasions speaking to her from a brilliant light.

Particularly noteworthy of these latter events, on one occasion, while speaking about the "Minor Judgement", Jesus said solemnly to Greta:

“For those who are not in the State of Grace (when the Minor Judgment happens) it will be FRIGHTFUL.”

On another occasion, a school dance was being prepared which apparently was going to exceed Catholic norms for modesty and decency. At the behest of Our Lord, Greta sought to have the dance cancelled, or at least modified so that it would not be a dangerous occasion of sin for the youth. She also appealed to the parents of the students to not allow their children to attend the dance, at the express warning of Christ Himself. Jesus said to Greta:

“If they proceed with that dance, all involved will have to answer to Me at their Judgement.”

The dance was cancelled.

Devotion of both Our Lady and Our Lord at Heede was enthusiastically approved by the Bishop of Osnabruck, and this approbation has been graciously ratified with the installation of each successive Bishop to this day. Interestingly enough, however, the Bishops have not published a formal ruling declaring the events to be supernatural, Divine in origin, and worthy of belief, though their permissions are doubtlessly tacit approval. Unfortunately, due to the world-wide collapse of Christianity, particularly in Europe, Heede holds little interest for the people of Germany, although pilgrims from various nations still trickle in every year.

Visionary and stigmatist Greta Ganseforth passed away in 1996, and her grave is visited by pilgrims, several of whom have claimed significant favors through the seer's intercession.

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