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Interview with Mari Loli. Father Benac (1978-09-29)

Excerpts from the interview with Mari Loli. This interview with Mari Loli was conducted by Father Francis Benac (S.J.) on September 29, 1978.

Benac: Your mother told me that one night you were upstairs with your father and that you cried and cried for one hour. Afterwards your father said to her: "I have just seen the most touching sight. Loli was crying the whole time while saying, 'Oh, it's going to be like that? People are going to suffer like that? Oh, make me suffer!'" Do you remember what you said at the time?

Mari Loli:

It was all related to communism and what is going to happen in the Church and to the people because all these things are to have repercussions amongst the people. When the Church suffers confusion, the people are going to suffer too. Some priests who are communists will create such confusion that people will not know right from wrong.

Many shepherds are on the road to perdition

Virgin Mary's warning is quite definite: “Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them. … You should turn the wrath of God away from yourself by your efforts.”[**]

How did it happen, that we let all this happen? Looks like the people of God again, like that was during the earthly life of Jesus, forgot that “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Jn.10:34). And now again, with bitterness, the Almighty must admit: “ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes” (Psa.82:7).

Finally, we should recover and recall that in the eyes of God everyone of us and we all are “unrepeatable and irreplaceable”. While it is still not too late, we really must turn away the wrath of God by our own efforts.

Второе Послание было получено 18 июня 1965 года Кончитой Гонсалес от Богоматери через Архангела Михаила:

As my message on October 18, 1961, has not been complied with and has not been made known, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up, now it is overflowing. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourself by your efforts. If you ask Him for forgiveness with a sincere heart, He will pardon you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of St. Michael the archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last Warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.

Harry Daley
Miracle at Garabandal. Ch.III. Conchita recalls events
Second Message (June 18, 1965)

Existing network of communist agents in Church

Below is the comment by Barry Hanratty, the Editor of Garabandal Journal.

This last statement of Mari Loli's should make us wonder if the blame for all that is wrong in the Church today has always been properly placed. It seems very little consideration has been given to the possibility that an evil force has deliberately infiltrated the Church with the intention of trying to destroy it.

The other day I was speaking with Harry Daley, author of Miracle at Garabandal. Harry was a good friend of the late Father Walter Ciszek, S.J., who spent 15 years in Soviet prisons and Siberian labor camps, and lived to tell about it in his book With God in Russia (Ignatius Press).

Harry visited Fr. Ciszek (a believer in Garabandal by the way) often and on one of his visits, Father went to great lengths explaining how the communists tried to recruit him, promising him all kinds of benefits, if he would work as their agent in the Church and join the network that was already in place.

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