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Fatima. Russia. Consecration of Russia. Nicholas Gruner

Russia will be an instrument of blessing

Unless we obtain the conversion of Russia, Russia will dominate the whole world. Russia will enslave the whole world unless we have this consecration.

On the other hand, Russia will be an instrument of blessing for the whole world if it is consecrated. By becoming blessed, becoming consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, it becomes an instrument in Her hands to bring peace to the whole world. There is no third alternative to this request.

Fr. Gruner speaks to the European Union Parliament
The Fatima Crusader, No.104

Father Gruner's interview

‹…› there has been an active consecration of the world.

‹…› Russia is part of the world, but the consecration requested by Our Lady is a specific consecration.

I'd like to illustrate that by way of Sacred Scripture. King David had seven brothers and the Prophet Samuel was told to anoint one of Jesse's sons, and so Jesse brought his seven sons, the seven older ones; and the Prophet said no not him, not him, not him, etc., and got through all seven and said "Do you have any more?" He said, "Yes I have one more, he's back home taking care of the sheep." He said, "Bring him." And that was the one who was consecrated by the Prophet. It was a specific consecration.


Samuel was not told to consecrate his family and one of them will become the king. No, it was meant that it was to be specific, that he was to be picked out. In fact to consecrate means to be set aside. I hate to be pedantic here, but I have to go through these things because of the misinformation on this thing. To set aside for the service of God. So I would say there has to be a distinction for a particular Consecration, that Russia be set aside, not Spain, not Portugal, not Brazil, but Russia.


So it has to be clearly seen that Russia has been picked, set aside. It's actually a great honor. This is not to be picking on the Russian people, or the country of Russia for that matter. It's actually a great honor to be chosen by Heaven to be particularly consecrated and in a special way to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


In New York a couple of years ago, there was a murder in St. Patrick's Cathedral. Well the Cardinal had to go there and re-bless, reconsecrate that building back to the service of God because there had been a public and serious crime against man and against God in that place.

Similarly, in Russia there has been a great crime committed against the Russian people and against God in Russia, whereby the resources, both human resources and the physical resources of that great country have been instrumentalized, have been taken over, by the forces of Satan in order to fight God around the world.


Going back all the way to the Apostles when Our Lord had said all power in Heaven and Earth has been given to you; go forth and make disciples of all nations. They can consecrate a nation. They don't need the permission of Russia to do so. …


The other thing is the Consecration of Russia is to be such a stupendous event that when you see almost instantly the conversion of Russia, it will be something the history books, whether they're believers or not will have to talk about; the instant reversal of Russia from being a nation under atheists against God whether they do it with crass communism or whether they do it with the practical atheism of the West. The bottom line is (when the conversion of Russia occurs) they will be changing from that direction and going 180 degrees in the other direction being fervent, believing, practicing Catholics and from there spreading their missionaries over the world to make the whole world Catholic.

That will have to be noted by everybody, whatever color, stripe, or persuasion they happen to be. That obviously has not happened. What we have seen has been one political change after another. It's been a small economic facelift.

Father Gruner's interview
You Deserve to Hear the Whole Truth
But The Wall Street Journal Doesn't Think So!
The Fatima Crusader, No.38 Pg.5

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